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God’s Whole Armor

God’s Whole Armor is about winning the war! Are you a Christian who struggles with making right choices? Are you accustomed to the “agony of defeat” rather than sweet victory in your life? If so, God’s Whole Armor was written with you in mind. God’s Whole Armor is a book that was written out of my very own struggles with right and wrong. As a Christian and one brought up in the church, I understood God’s requirements for his people, but at times found it rather difficult to carry them out. As young as age nine, I can remember struggling with right and wrong. When I joined the Navy after graduating from college, I did not realize that God was about to teach me an invaluable lesson that I would never forget. During my stay in the military, our country was engaged in the Gulf War. I learn many war skills. As the military taught how to win wars, God began to teach me how we win spiritual wars. Not only was the Gulf War a victory for America, but it was also a personal victory for me.

I discovered that we win wars because of the “5P’s principle” I heard someone quote years ago: “Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.” The U.S. is victorious at winning wars not only because of the latest weaponry and the best training on how to use them, but because we study our enemies; learning their strengths and vulnerabilities. I would have to apply these same principles to our enemy, the devil, to be as victorious and more than a conqueror.

Well, this worked good for me, but the burden to win wars was not removed because many other Christians I knew were experiencing this same struggle: how to win the war against the devil. Thus, this book was birth. This book discusses the following with practical application:

Who is our enemy?

What is in the mind of our enemy?

When will our enemy attack?

Where is our enemy located?

How will our enemy attack?

Why does our enemy so desperately want to destroy us?

More importantly, there’s an entire chapter dedicated to discussing the location and or area of battle – The Mind. I then proceed to the crux of the book and discuss one by one each part of the Christian’s weaponry provided by God. A short prayer is given demonstrating how to put on and apply each part. The book concludes with a short dialogue between the devil and a child of God giving at least 16 examples of how to reverse the attack of the devil and put him on the run every time just like we did in the “Gulf” and Jesus did in the “Wilderness”! Hallelujah!

Anointed But Not Ready

Timing is everything.  Just because you’ve been anointed to be a king, doesn’t mean it’s time to be king.  You could be “Anointed, and not be Ready.”  This book outlines in detail the progressive steps one takes before stepping into his or her God-given “anointed and appointed” assignment.  It also addresses those who are walking in their assignments but are constantly experiencing failure.  Finally, it addresses those who are in the pouch of “The Archer (God)” waiting until the appropriate time of release.

 Daddy’s Waiting On You

Out of the authors very own experience, came this book.  If you’ve never understood the relationship between mankind and The Creator, then this book is a must for your spiritual enrichment.  The author in detail carries you from one level of relationship to the next…finally reaching your pinnacle in the arms of God Himself (Daddy).  Explained is the parallel of your relationship with The Tabernacle of Moses, and the Voyage of Israel from Egypt to The Promise Land.  If you have a thirst and hunger which no created thing can satisfy, then there is a place next to Daddy with answers to all of your questions.  At the conclusion of this book, you will have reached the ultimate destination, an intimate relationship Beyond the Veil.

 Rickey E. Macklin

“Preparing You To Live Victorious!”