Bible Study


It’s one thing to know ‘what you believe,’ but another to know ‘why you believe.’  It seems a lot of Christians are stuck on the what, but cannot answer the why’s.  We’ll be tackling that here in this section.

Christian Growth

Are you ready to grow in your relationship with Christ?  Are you tired of just going through the emotions of church?  Do you want to learn God’s way?  Here’s a great place to start.

Knowing God

It’s one thing to know of God, but another to know Him.  How much do we love God?  As much as we love His Word.  As much do we know about God?  As much as we know about His Word.  It’s time to dig a little deeper.

Bible Quizzes

Well, it’s time to brush up on some basics. Once you have completed this, if you would like for me to check your answers, feel free to email me.  Oh – for your first time taking it, don’t use any resources.  🙂