Today is your opportunity to encourage those that truly want to be married but refuse to settle. Give them a word to comfort their hearts because anxiousness is starting to set in … Oh, and not just another church Cliche’.

The truth is some of the people are getting weary and they need a real word because some of them are on the VERGE of taking matters into their Own Hands.   They’ve been working – laboring for the Kingdom – not sleeping around – making sacrifices and living holy …. but he/she has not come.

In fact, some people have decided to take matters into their own hands because of the wait – only to make great mistakes.  I can hear the words of Sofia on Color Purpose … “Don’t do it Mrs. Celie. Don’t trade places with what I been through. He ain’t worth it, he ain’t worth it. ”

Please feel free to leave your comment to encourage others during this season.


Rickey E. Macklin


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