Today marks the rest of your forever.

No smoke and mirrors, no fantasy land, doesn’t matter what time or what year it is.

Today is a NEW day, and with each new day brings new mercies, new revelations, and more importantly, NEW opportunities.

Wash off the stench of yesteryear and begin your life again today.

Whatever your issue is, fix it through action, and only talk about it to yourself.

You must think, then speak, in order for your actions to eventually become who you are in life.

Began positive self-affirmations, even now I am teaching my 6 year old to be “nice” to himself.

Be careful of the way you treat yourself and the negative self talk you partake in, if you don’t love yourself, nobody else will.

Once you know who and whose you are, you will begin to become a better person.

However, if you change with the wind, or you are lead by the decisions of others, you will continue to be miserable.

Life is a journey, for some long, for others short, so because you don’t know the length of your stay here on earth, I suggest you get on the V-Train.

The train of truth, peace, love, and joy… why? because life is too short. Promise yourself that everyday will be amazing and it will be.

And maybe you don’t like the V-Train…WHATEVER… make up your own train and get on it!

Work towards your goals; STOP talking, and just act. Like Nike said…JUST DO IT.

– Deanna (aka Veracity  on Facebook)


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