As much as Courtship is designed to carry you into marriage, many people are in relationships that never Ripping_Apart_by_SimplyArunheard of or followed any courtship process, or established any real safe boundaries.    In some of these relationships, both parties are still trying to figure things out and sex has brought even more complications.   I believe you and I both know that once sex enters the scene, the rules change because deeper bonds and ties are formed.

By the way, Sex is a divine mechanism that binds two people together as one.  Once this happens, whenever there is a breakup, it cannot happen without a ripping of one’s soul.  It hurt folks!  This is why some people break up and make up – then break up and make up – then break up and make up again.  Trust me when I tell you, it’s not all about love.   I don’t have time here to explain it, but this is why it’s so difficult to part from relationships you KNOW aren’t any good for you – yet everything in you wants to.

Here’s my point:   As much as we are wired for sex, and it’s a natural inclination, please establish agreed upon boundaries from the very beginning.    If you don’t, not only will sex blind you to the obvious, but every time you sleep with someone else, you become one with that person … And every time you break up, there will be a ripping of your soul and pieces left behind that you’ll one day have to salvage to experience the relationship you truly want.

Doing what’s right will pay off in the long run, but you have to believe it.
 Rickey E. Macklin

Preparing You To Live Victorious!

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