168372883#1 – Your Momma was right – Everything that looks good to you ain’t good for you.

#2 – Stay out of dead-end relationships. Your time is much too valuable.

#3 – Always be true to yourself. Six days in the gym to get ripped; Eye lashes and Botox ; Six and Seven figure jobs … All of those things are wonderful assets. The problem is when the real you is INCOGNITO. Never lose sight of the real you because that’s who he/she will be marrying. Be true to thine ownself and the person you’re seeing too.

#4 – Birds of a feather really do flock together. Stop hanging around people who think that ALL relationships are pointless and every person out there will inevitably break your heart. Poisonous people Poisons people.

#5 – If over the past 3 months of your relationship you’ve been waking up each morning telling yourself “I deserve better than this,” there’s a good chance you’re right my friend. What happens next is up to you…. #JustSayn

#6 – If you are convinced that no one will ever be capable of loving you the way you truly deserve to be loved, there’s a good chance that no one will. It’s time for a renewal of your mind.

#7 – Good things come to those who KNOW what they’re waiting on. You have to be able to identify what’s yours OR your waiting will be in vain. Take some time and get a clear picture of what you know you deserve and the kind of person that fits into God’s plan for your future.

Rickey E. Macklin

“Preparing You To Live Victories!”

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