Guest Blogger: Angel L. Richards 

Have you found yourself in a very emotional state lately? Crying? Lying around? Complaining? Yelling? Snapping? Frustrated? Stressed? Depressed? Confused? Hopeless? Cluttered????

Well, these are all signs that you are experiencing an emotional imbalance!

Good news…We all experience different levels of emotional imbalance at some point in our lives, so you are not alone.

Bad news…not everyone knows how to overcome the imbalance and get their emotions under control.

Good news…you WILL!

I want to share with you over the next month or so, some simple yet powerful decisions you can make and techniques you can use to combat this clutter in your life so you can go from clutter to clarity…emotionally!

The first step is #1 Keep it Real

Far too often we tell ourselves…nothing is wrong. I’m ok. We all go through it. I’ve always felt this way. I’m like my mother or farther. It’s not a big deal. I’ll be alright…

It’s called DENIAL

For many reasons – fear of embarrassment, pride, ego, and our belief systems, to name a few… we rather remain in a state of denial and continue to feel hurt, pain, disappointment, frustration, anger, etc. INSTEAD OF keeping it real and admitting that we are cluttered emotionally and are dealing with issues that need to be addressed (past and/or present) in order to move forward. In order to keep it 100% real…we have to face the facts!

The fact is…

* I lost my job

* My husband is cheating

* My boyfriend hits me

* I’m confused about my sexuality

* My child is out of control

* I am over weight

* I don’t have enough money

* I’m losing my home

* My parents are gone

* I lost my best friend


The sooner you decide to face the facts and keep it real…you have issues…the sooner you will be ready to start the healing process.

Affirmation: I AM aware of the emotional triggers in my life. I WILL forgive and release any power it has had over me. I CAN feel the weight off my shoulders, the burden lifted from my heart, the peace in my spirit.

***REPEAT several times a day every day***

Action: Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half.

▪  Create two list- Emotions/Triggers.

▪  Under emotions- list all the negative emotions you are feeling or have felt recently.

▪  Under triggers- list the people (including self), places, things, habits, thoughts, actions, etc. that caused you to feel that way.

▪  Evaluate your list of triggers…which ones can you immediately disassociate yourself from? Which ones can you begin to limit your time?

Start the De-Cluttering process TODAY and continue little by little until you start to decrease and eliminate all negative emotions and triggers from your life. I cannot promise you it will be easy but I can promise you, it will be worth it! #cluttertoclarity



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