Sometimes God’s Rejection is God’s Protection

Guest Blogger – Destaynee Williams

Have you ever liked someone SO much and everything about them SEEMED perfect? You felt like yall would be a great couple? Or have you ever had a crush on someone that didn’t like you the same way you liked them? I’m sure we’ve all been in one of those situations once, twice, maybe even more than that. I know I have been. I’ve liked a guy and everything they showed me seemed so great. In my mind I’m like there’s no way things wouldn’t work.  Now that I’m a little more mature not only in Christ, but intellectually, and from experience I know that what seems good isn’t good. Take sin for example, the media, the artist glamorize sin. It looks like it’s so cool. They dress it up to make it seem like its so amazing and you’re missing out on greatness if you don’t participate.  Some people see the red flags with that lifestyle (living in sin) but still decide to participate.

When dating/courting we see the red flags yet we still decide to participate. I believe God is speaking to us all the time. We chose not to listen. Often times in relationships or a situation were so and so likes so and so we don’t listen to what God is telling us. We figure we’re reading too deep into the situation, or we think we can change the situation. Never the less the flags are there and they’re red. So in my head I see it like God is throwing things at us so we can stay away from a person, to warn us, or protect us. We keep going until finally that person flat out rejects us. We see it as rejection, but it was simply God protecting us.

We can’t see what tomorrow holds, we can’t see what a few days from now holds, we barely know what’s going on in the present. God was protecting us, shielding us from what could have been the worst possible situation we could have faced. When I was immature or ignorant to this way of thinking, I often came down on myself. I would say “geesh guess I’m not good enough” “guess I’m not pretty enough” “guess I’m not smart enough”… That is the WRONG mindset to have! While your beating yourself up on what “you’re not” the devil is somewhere in a corner pointing and laughing, high five-ing himself. He wants us to think low of ourselves, he wants us to think God isn’t good enough or what he created us to be isn’t good enough. So stop those thoughts time they even began to creep in your head.

The only way to kill a weed is to pull if from its root.- – Take yourself out of whatever situation is making you feel down on yourself. Be it the music you listen to, the shows you watch, the people you hang around, whatever it is. – Proverbs 4:23 Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.- – We have to guard our hearts at all times. Don’t make excuses “oh it’s just a movie” yea that movie will have you in your feelings believing the lies of the devil. Trust me I know lol No one is perfect. If you’r real with yourself and real with God you already know what you can handle and what you cant. You should be able to see things coming a mile away and when they do come you can say “That wasn’t rejection that was God’s protection! Thank you Jesus!” and you’ll be sincere because you would know – – Jeremiah 29:11 says For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

 It ALL goes back to knowing your worth in Christ. God sent his ONLY son to DIE for you. That’s a big investment. Talk about public display of affection God put it all out there! You HAVE to know how valuable you are in Christ. I think it’s important that we remind ourselves of that daily! Once you get it down pat you won’t say “oh I was rejected” ..” Oh I wasn’t wanted” NO!! You were protected by your daddy! He has your back! Rejection is just a form of protection, embrace that love from God!  If you love someone, tell them I love you.


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