Make Your Request Known

I understand that perhaps you’re at a critical juncture in your life right now and you need God to move on your behalf.  For some of you, it may be your job situation. For someone else, perhaps your children are going through what I’m going to call “a phase”; For someone else, it’s a bad report from the doctor; and perhaps someone else is experiencing a broken heart that you need God to heal.  Listen, I know what you’re going through right now seems insurmountable but my question to you is – “Is there anything too hard for God?”  That was a rhetorical question because we know there isn’t.   Well, you’ve seen God move on behalf of others but I believe you will agree with me right now that it’s your turn.

Prayer is still the key to the Kingdom and Faith will unlock the door.  Ask and you shall receive – seek and you shall find – knock and the door shall be open unto you.  Hold God to His promises and know that His Word cannot return to Him void or unfruitful.  It always accomplishes what it’s sent out to do.   Note: God is not trying to hold back your blessing.  In fact, it’s quite the contrary.   The Word of God says, “It is the Fathers’ good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”  If He spared not His own Son but offered Him up freely to die on your behalf, how shall He not freely give you all things.

So, it’s time to activate your faith.   If you ask the Father and refuse to allow doubt to enter your heart, but rather believe the things you’ve prayed for shall come to pass – you’ll have what you’ve prayed for.

Lastly, here’s where you can rest.  The confidence comes from two things:

(1)  You’re living a righteous lifestyle.  I didn’t say perfect.  However, you are living a life that’s pleasing to Him.  As you know, He will not withhold any good thing from those that walk upright before Him; and

(2) The things you are asking for are consistent with and according to His Will.   By the way, His Will is His Word.  That tells me you gotta jump into God’s Word and find out all the wonderful promises He has in store for you.  When you do these things, clearly He will hear you AND grant you the petition you desire from Him.

Last point this time for real (smile).   There is a password you must use to get God’s attention.  That password is the name of the One who made it possible for you to get your requests fulfilled.    In fact, He said, “In that day, (which is now), ye shall ask me nothing.  Verily, verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name He will give it.”  I believe you got the point.  His name is JESUS!

I’m standing in agreement with you that God would grant you the desires of your heart – in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Rickey E. Macklin  

“Preparing You To Live Victorious!”



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