praying-familyLike many of today’s celebrities, you may have started out in church too. However, somewhere along the way perhaps you were affected by the freedom of leaving home or of going off to college, or perhaps drugs, a young lady/man,  a career, building a new family, fortune or fame. And this thing, whatever it might be, pulled you away from church and God. I hear you and I understand. However, if you are reading this post right now, I want to say to you that it’s not too late to make a mid-journey change.

In the Bible, the prodigal son reached a point where I’m sure many thought it wasillegal-drugs over for him. They were probably calling him every name in the book. This dude had it all yall – but wasted it all throwing parties, hanging with the wrong crowd, getting high and everything else that comes with it. BUT one day after losing it all, he came to himself. My prayer is that God would shake up your environment and stir up your nest in such a way that it brings about a situation that would cause you too to “come to yourself.” There are people who have been praying for you for years and they still are. I’m going to believe God with them on your behalf.

All I’m trying to say sir/ma’am is that it’s not too late for a mid-journey change. Christ Jesus didn’t die for the folks that had it all together. Those that are healthy don’t need a physician. He did it for you. And just like the Prodigal son’s father who embraced him with opened arms when he returned, Jesus is waiting to embrace you. He wants to proclaim in the heavens that you once were lost too, BUT now you have been found.

By the way, welcome back home  🙂


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