black-woman-giving-man-the-handWhat’s Kewl?  What’s Hot & What’s Not?  While trends come and go, some things are priceless and should not be subject to the changing times.  One of my young friends on Facebook had a thing or two to say about things that turns her off regarding young men.  Here are a few.  Lil Bros – please take notes.

  • Boys who wear their pants at their knees
  • Boys who feel they have to curse in every sentence
  • Boys who don’t know how to approach a girl
  • Boys who act like you owe them something for taking you out
  • Boys who think they are IT and their breath smells
  • Boys who disrespect their moms


Fellows, Nicole goes on to say that if u are any of these things, don’t try to talk to her!  I guess we older bros have some work to do.  I was thinking for a minute …   Hmmm … “If I had a daughter that was a teen, I sincerely hope she would have the same standards.”

Way to go Nicole!  Keep the standards high and never loose sight of your true worth.   #UarePriceless

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Rickey E. Macklin

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