734486_425169360885835_971998972_nIsn’t she adorable? I thought so too. However, having a baby won’t make that man stay!  In fact, you can have THREE more that looks just like her and he still won’t stay.  Ladies, you simply gotta know your worth.  A grown, irresponsible, non-appreciative, disrespectful man is NEVER a tradeoff for bringing a child into this world. In fact, there is no tradeoff that’s worth it.

Bottom-line Point: Until he is ready to be with you, he won’t.  You can buy him nice things; let him move into your apartment; let him use your car; and conveniently give him sex whenever he wants it – and he’ll still either leave or cheat on you if in his heart he is not committed.

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Rickey E. Macklin

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