Let’s now look at David’s testimony.  He received his call and mandate from the Prophet Samuel and last judge of Israel.  However, David did not rush to the occasion.  There was a lot still to be learned.  My next statement will be illuminating to many people.  The Bible makes it clear that David’s first assignment was to do what he had already been doingDavid’s first step in his newly anointed and appointed position as future king over Israel was to go back to tending the sheep.  In his faithfulness to what appears to be an insignificant job, David learned how to be both a shepherd over his earthly father Jesse’s sheep and over his heavenly Father’s people.  After receiving our call from God, many of us walk away from what we were commissioned to do at first and leave behind a lot of unfinished work.  What we fail to understand is how we perform at our present task qualifies us for the next move of God.

“David’s first duty was to do

what he had already been doing.”

 Here’s a word of advice – stay where you are until God releases you.  Your release from this level could be as unique as David’s.  The Bible stated that this anointed king-elect David’s next job was using his gift (playing the harp) to relieve King Saul of an evil spirit.  Yet, David still took care of his father’s sheep.  It was on an occasion that he went back to care for the sheep that his next assignment was given.  His job was to take care-packages to his brothers, which was a divine setup.  Likewise, God has strategically set up the time, the place and the people to ensure that what He has spoken over your life will come to past.  Your job is to be obedient even in the minute tasks.  How David handled his assignments convinced me of why God referred to David as a “man after his own heart.”  David was a man of humility.  It would not be until at least 15 years later that David would finally take his seat on the throne and reign as The King promised.   Excerpt from book:   Anointed But Not Ready

 Rickey E Macklin

Preparing You To Live Victorious!


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