I Will Wait For You…..   Guest Blogger:    Vontrail Passmore

We dream of being swept away by the man of our dreams and announcing our love before others on the BIG DAY! How romantic and awesome it would be to just meet the right man and live happily ever after, right??? God desires to give us true love in a special kind of way. Not the kind that Hollywood displays so vicariously in the media, but the kind of love that is everlasting and unconditional like God Himself. It’s a great thing to long to be loved. God knew we’d have this longing in our hearts to be loved and accepted before time was created. He said, “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you” {Jeremiah 1:5}. So this is no surprise to God that we have a void, but the surprise to us may be when we realize only He can fill it! Jesus promised to fill that void {Psalm 147:3} and the Holy Spirit will do just that. We cannot truly love another human being the way we should until we first experience the Love of God for ourselves. This goes to show how a person can hurt you and may be blind to their own actions. You wonder how could they say they love you, but their actions show differently. Therefore, be mindful of the one you think is “the one”.

Having Any Doubts?

When stress begins to take over the relationship, it’s time to re-evaluate some things. The key is this, if the outside pressures are seeping in, find time & energy to get rid of them. BUT, if the one you’re courting or are engaged to is the cause of your stress & frustration … maybe that’s a sign for you to run.  Break things off with the person before emotions get involved. Emotions make it hard to hear from God or see the signs. No man or woman is perfect, but there’s a limit to what should be in any relationship. You don’t have to carry the weight of someone else’s mess. That’s not God’s purpose to bring you more problems, but to help resolve the ones you currently have. “Anyone God sends into your life will not bring stress, heartache, worry & dishonesty … the one He sends will carry the weight of the world for you, strengthen you, helps you to heal from your past hurts, bring you closer to Christ … by the Love that God has planted in their heart for you!” The understanding is this: Jesus said, “the thief does not come but to kill, steal and destroy … I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” {John 10:10} — there are many of us who are not truly living, and are not experiencing the true potential to which we should be living. Jesus knew that many of us are dead in our sins, our faith has died in believing the right one will come someday…. Stop allowing the thief to rob you of the joy you’ve found in Christ or (for some of us) the joy that you may find in Him that is willing to forgive you & restore you of the life you should be experiencing.

shameHumiliated … Embarrassed … Hurt … Ashamed … & Disappointed. These were the emotions that fled my heart when I found out that my fiancé’ had posted such horrible things about my mother and me on social media. And if that wasn’t enough, everyone close to me knew about it, except me! I was devastated. Not only did I wonder how long was he thinking this way, but I was also concerned with how he really felt about me. This isn’t love. After much needed time to myself and in prayer, without any more doubts, I knew this person was not for me. I can only really speak for women, because I’m a woman and by nature, God designed us with similarities. Any man who truly loves you will publicize that love even when you’re not around. The man you should desire to marry is the man that adores, cherishes, honors, and respects you.  A man is supposed to protect his woman. Most women desire only few things more in life than to be the wife of a man who exceeds her expectations of him. When we get to this point, we pretty much know we’ve been found the right one.  If a guy says, “you are my wife” and the first thing comes to her is doubt in her gut… she should run in the opposite direction or stand still until she gets a word from the Lord.  If she’s not intimately connected to Christ, she may not be in a position to hear clearly.  However, she shouldn’t accept any engagement f his to move forward until she hears clearly from the Lord.  I trust that God would give her this assurance when this man shows up.  Ladies, don’t be deaf or blind to what you need to receive from God before you place your trust in man.  Don’t make the horrible mistake that I made.  The man I thought was for me, didn’t want me and the one I didn’t want said that I’m suppose to be his wife. Wherever there’s confusion, God isn’t in it.  Be very careful who you place your trust in because the enemy can quickly put blinders over your vision and you won’t be able to see that persons true colors sometimes, until it’s too late. Never stop praying. Always pray. Pray that God reveals the answer to you whether or not this is the one He sent. The enemy will send someone to distract you from the one God is preparing just for you. This is why we need to be careful with who we place our trust in marrying.

There was this message that I received a year ago while visiting Georgia on vacation. A pastor once told me that “while God is preparing your husband the enemy is aware of this and he, himself will send a counterfeit and if you’re not careful, you’ll end up settling with the one that will hinder you from fulfilling God’s ultimate purpose in your life.” This has stuck with me ever since and made perfect sense to me because I have experienced a great deal of the attacks of the enemy and what his purpose is in our life. You too need to be careful whom you plan to marry. Sweetheart, wait on your one true love. God will not forget to fulfill His promise in your life. He loves you too much to let you stay in a relationship with someone who continues to destroy your faith, distort your vision, crushes your spirit and continues to break your heart. Until your husband comes, spend time allowing the Lord to fill you with His spirit, and His love. Jesus wants to restore your faith in love, rebuild your trust in a better life, mend your broken heart, and cover you from the weapons of our warfare which are not carnal, but are very harmful to our spirit man. For some of us, God is waiting on us to become content in Him before someone else comes into our life. Let God strip all of the crap that has built up in you and the people you’ve placed in your heart before Him.

 Are you settling? Never settle with less than you deserve. You know you desire the BEST,Young-woman-praying-sm therefore don’t short yourself with 2nd best. God desires THE BEST for you. Don’t allow no one tell you one thing and then turns around and does something totally different. If he or she cannot honor their own word, what makes you think they will honor the word of God and the vows that they will make at the altar on the wedding day? Beloved, don’t be fooled. The wisdom of God is not slack and neither will God slack in keeping His promise with you. He meant for you to be here and He will prove His love to you when you place your trust in Him. God honors marriage. More importantly, He honors a marriage that is build of His love, His principles, His wisdom, His righteousness and holiness. The great thing about the Holy Spirit is that He reveals to you a person’s heart and their true intent. Know for yourself what God is doing in your life. Don’t follow someone else’s instructions by the way you should live and what you should look for a in husband if it does not line up with the world of God. You probably see all these people around you getting married and starting families. Be patient. Your time will come, Just as sure as the time has come for you to be reading this, God is preparing you and your future spouse, REJOICE! There’s so much that could be going on in your life, but nevertheless, you gotta keep believing that the BEST is yet to come. God wants to relieve you of all the burdens and worry, that if you don’t marry this guy, you will have to wait forever for the next one. When in reality, in your waiting you will find contentment and God will grant you the patience you need to trust Him throughout each season of your life. You desire to marry someone you can trust, someone you can build a strong and Godly foundation with. Being impatient will not produce these kinds of results. Give that over to God and find rest in Him. He will replace your sorrow with JOY, your hurt with HOPE, and your shame with GLADNESS! Lay it all at the altar. Give Him the frustration. Let Jesus restore you. One thing that you don’t want is to bring the burdens of one bad relationship into a new relationship, so let the past go and move forward in a better direction.  Vontrail’s Blog: http://www.vontrailpassmore.blogspot.com

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