God Doesn’t Make Junk!

JUNK:   (1) Discarded material, as metal, paper, or rags; (2) anything that is regarded as worthless, meaningless, or contemptible; trash!

Perhaps you’ve gone through some situations in life where people who did not know your value used and abused you.  Perhaps, even as a child, someone planted some terrible seeds that you were worthless, dumb, stupid and wouldn’t amount to much of anything.   Perhaps there were people who took advantage of you.  Or – perhaps it was in your marriage that your spouse convinced you that you were ugly, worthless and were a no good piece of trash.

Well – I’m here with a message for you today folks.  God doesn’t make junk!   They were wrong.  I mean seriously wrong about you!   It’s sad how people who are going through their own self-esteem issues try and project those things on others.  It’s also sad that a person could feel the only way to rise to the top is to keep others under.  I have a problem with that and so does God.

Again  –  if I could say this any clearer I would.  God doesn’t make junk.  When God made mankind, He said it was “Very Good!”   In fact, the Bible describes God’s views of you this way:

  • You are the Apple of His eye  – Can’t get much better than that ~ Psalm 17:18
  • You were worth Dying for  – He paid the ultimate price for you ~ John 15:13
  • He gave His Best for you  – His only begotten Son ~ Romans 8:32
  • He thinks of you All the time  – Even when you’re asleep ~ Psalms 40:5
  • He takes it Personal when anyone offends you  – That’s deep!  ~ Matthew 25:40
  • He’s assigned you Personal Body Guards – Yep … Angels  ~ Psalm 34:7

And to be honest, that’s just the beginning.   Never let anyone or any situation in life define you when God already has.  You are incredible and were a part of God’s master plan BEFORE He created the earth.   His purpose for your life was not an after-thought.   You are not a piece of junk – You are His masterpiece!   So, the next time someone tries to de-value you, tell them “You must be mistaken – because you have no idea who I am!  God doesn’t make junk.  In fact, I am God’s Original Masterpiece!”

Rickey E. Macklin  

“Preparing You To Live Victorious!”


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  1. You must be careful of people seeming to treat you well and be in your corner. They can speak well of you to others but just mistreat you and abuse your relationship. They make you feel important to them by keeping you close but it’s really about what they can get from you and not what you can give each other.

    • Pefecrt answer! That really gets to the heart of it!

  2. Father God, thank You for loving me! And allowing me to be Your child. My worth I find in You. This being said, no one can steal it from me. Or lie about it, to me. It just won’t hold up! From all the corners of the universe You can roam, yet You are still continuously with me. Loving me, protecting me and preparing a place for me! In Your word it says, if I go to prepare a place for you. I will return to bring you to it! Great is your mercy, and love, Father God!
    In Jesus Name, Amen


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