full_6_992_SimmondsCrayonTipsQuiltBroken from a failed marriage; Broken from a foreclosure; Broken from a child who’s strayed way; Broken from a layoff where you devoted your time and attention for years; Broken from a friendship you thought would last forever; Broken from a loved one who passed away … Broken – Broken – Broken. Today, I want to encourage you that in spite of you brokenness, please don’t give up.

In the Bible, Joseph was broken, rejected and jailed – yet God elevated him from the pit to the palace. Paul was shipwrecked on his voyage to Rome – yet God intervened and the entire crew made it on broken pieces.

Listen; somehow in the midst of your brokenness, God has a strategic plan for your elevation. Like a seamstress, God has a way of taking all of fabrics of your broken pieces and sewing them into a glorious quilt. The fact that you’re reading this means He’s not through with you yet. The truth is brokenness attracts His attention.

So, today if you are feeling like you are at your lowest, I just want to convey to you that you’re at a good place for Him to start building. Here’s what I’m saying … Your height will always be determined by your depth. Like a building, the deeper it goes down, the higher it can be built up. As I always say, trust the God of the process! It may not feel good right now, but you’re going somewhere because the grace of God is upon your life! Whatever you do – Don’t Quit!

You too can make it on Broken Pieces.

This my friend has been your “Empowering Moment!”

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