Daddy’s Waiting On You

Daddy's Waiting On You

I’ve been waiting on you for such a long time.  There’s so much I have wanted to tell you.  I have the answers to all of your questions.  Let’s go to the other side of the mountain – just you and me.  Climb up on my lap and lay your head on my breast.  Let’s bask in the lilies of the field.

Listen for a moment and let me speak.  All of your pain, hurts, and disappointments, I felt them too.  As for your tears, how can I forget each one that rolled down your face?  The first step you took as a child; the first time you rode a bike without falling; perhaps your earthly daddy wasn’t there, but I was. Whether skating, riding a bike, winning a beauty contest, or a football game, Daddy was there either on the sideline or in the audience.  How could I have missed those precious moments?

The first time you fell in love; the first time someone broke your heart; when love ones left you willingly and sometimes not so willingly, I was there.

I speak now not to your shame or to invade your privacy, but every struggle that you’ve had and that you still have, I know about them.  Shhhhhhhhh… I know it’s a secret and you don’t want anyone else to know, but I love you in spite of it.  That’s why I sent my Spirit.  He’ll keep you from falling.  The truth of the matter is before I ever placed you in your mother’s womb you were on my mind. My love for you is beyond your human capacity to comprehend.

Wow!  And this is just the beginning of the conversation between you and Daddy.

(Jeremiah 1:4-10); (Psalms 139:14-18);

(Acts 17:27); (Jude 1:24)

Excerpt From Daddy’s Waiting On You

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