If you could look God in the face and have a conversation with Him, what would you say? Would you be honest? Happy? Afraid? Thankful? Would you pour out your heart?

More importantly, how do you think God would handle that conversation? Would He view his relationship with you as real and authentic? If God could claim right to our face that there are moments when we say our relationship with Him is one way then go right out and act as if its another – He would. We say ‘Lord I love service’, but we only go when we feel like it. We say ‘Lord I love to pray’, but we only get down on our hands and knees when we need something.

  • We’re quick to tweet and Facebook scripture, but slow to apply it in our lives.

We often only draw close to God when we’re feeling emotional and then there are those days when all seems perfect in the world and we act as if God doesn’t even exist. We pretend that God has a phone number and when He’s calling us – we push the ignore button. And, yes, God knows we’re sinners, that we’re struggling everyday to stay out of spiritual darkness. He absolutely realizes that we’re trying to imitate Him by living in the light (Ephesians 5) But even in our imperfection, God expects realness.

David was a king, a big ole’ sinning king too. He wasn’t perfect; he committed adultery and murdered a woman’s husband. But David begged for mercy, forgiveness, and cleansing. He wanted his heart to be right with God so much that he said to God ”Do not throw me away before your face and your Holy Spirit” (Psalms 51:11) When Cain killed his brother Abel, he told God that as punishment he knew he would not be able to see God’s face, that God would conceal it. (Gen 4:14) These men weren’t perfect, but they were honest and the they wanted to keep it real about their spiritual relationship status. And so should we.

Sometimes we avoid being honest and upfront with God because

we’re embarrassed about a sin

we’re not being humble with ourselves or with others

we feel like God isn’t listening

we’ve hardened our hearts to change or we’re afraid of it

we think God doesn’t see or isn’t paying attention to our actions

None of us have a 100% perfect relationship with God. But there will never be a day where we can’t work on getting stronger and better with Him. And if we draw close to Him, He will draw close to us. We can make it a mission everyday to follow Christ. Be thankful. Love. Resist sin. Avoid drama and bad association and unhealthy friendships and/or relationships.

Right now is always a really good time to get close to God.



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