… Truly, one who touches you touches the apple of my eye.”  [Zechariah 2:8] 

Have you ever heard the phrase “Chip off the old block?  This idiom dates as far back as 270 B.C.  The analogy refers to a chip of stone or wood that closely resembles the larger block it was cut from.   For a father, it’s the son who closely resembles him either in physical features and/or personal characteristics and traits.  This can also be true of a mother and her daughter.   You know what I mean.  I’m sure you’ve heard or maybe even said, “You are just like your daddy!”  Generally, that statement has a negative connotation.  But it may not be such a bad thing after all, depending on who your “daddy” is.  (smile)

Well, God says something much more profound.  He called us “the apple of His eye.”   Yeah, we know in its literal sense He was speaking of the children of Israel but now we’ve been adopted into the royal family and are now spiritual decedents of Abraham!

In Hebrew, the phrase apple of his eye is translated “”Little Man of the Eye.”  I’m not sure if you got that.   It’s when you can look into someone’s eye and see a reflection of yourself!  God says when I look into your eyes I see Myself!  Wow!  That’s why He loves us so much!   It’s because He sees Himself.   He’s Mighty; He’s Strong; He’s Secure; Every Need is Met in Abundance and He Suffers No Lack!   So, when our situations contradict those things, because of His great love for us, He immediately comes to our defense!

I don’t know about you but I am so glad He sees me as the Apple of His Eye!  The question is can others see God in you when they look into your eyes? … just sayn…

The Lord’s own portion was his people, Jacob his allotted share. He sustained him in a desert land, in a howling wilderness waste; he shielded him, cared for him, guarded him as the apple of his eye.  [Deuteronomy 32:9-10]

Guard me as the apple of the eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.  [Psalm 17:8]

My child, keep my words and store up my commandments with you; keep my commandments and live, keep my teachings as the apple of your eye.  [Proverbs 7:1-2]

Their heart cried unto the Lord, O wall of the daughter of Zion, let tears run down like a river day and night: give thyself no rest; let not the apple of thine eye cease.  [Lamentations 2:18]

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