CourtWhether you’re considering a relationship or just embarked on one, these tips are guaranteed to assist you.

1 – If a gentleman makes it clear that he’s interested, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Initial conversations are the time to start asking … and NOT 2 months in.  By that time, your emotions will have gotten the best of you. These questions should relative to your core principles and not simply – “What’s your favorite Ice-cream.” Be clear about your non-negotiables and refuse to compromise on them.  Questions asked should be related to your core fundamental beliefs, your will not compromises, his intent, vision/purpose, future expectations or non-expectations, etc.  Bottom line is you’ll need some clarity.

2 – Don’t talk about your “Ex” … unless he ask specific questions regarding him. Men don’t like being compared anymore than you do.  Enough said on this one.

3 – Learn The Art of “Bouncing Back!”   I don’t mean to sound harsh in anyway, but your experiences are limited. All you really know is what you have experienced, and stories you’ve heard. All men are not the same. All men aren’t dawgs, locked up, dead-beats or have changed their sexual orientations. The world is much larger than the 10,000 people that live in your town. I pray that you’ve gathered much wisdom along the way – but I also pray that you’ll be willing to give someone else a chance. Be encouraged.

4 – Be Yourself. I understand that most people will put their best foot forward when meeting someone of interest. That’s perfectly understandable. However, never stop being you. If you don’t like something, you don’t like. If you cannot tolerate something, don’t tolerate it. You must understand that you are “just right” the way you are for the “right person.”

5 – Believe Him!

  • If he tells you he just wants to date, believe him.
  • If he tells you he just wants to sex you, believe him.
  • If he tells you he’s not looking to be serious anytime soon, believe him.
  • If he tells you I believe in God, but I don’t really believe in the Bible, believe him.

All I’m saying is – it doesn’t matter how fine he may be, don’t set your focus on transforming him, just believe him for what he’s says – and “Keep It Mov’n!’

6 – While it is true that the two of you, once married, will become one … U ain’t Married yet!  No papers have been signed, and no vowels or oaths have been exchanged.

In other words, U Are Still Single. Stop playing the marriage role and continue to prepare yourself FOR marriage. As long as you are still single, there’s only one Entity you are truly answerable to, and that is GOD!

Enjoy your Singleness and later Embrace your Marriage with open arms when that time comes.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed these, but more importantly I hope you apply them.

~ Rickey E. Macklin {Relationship Coach}

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